Laugh at a handicapped.

Hi there.
Just now, I were at Facebook and saw this picture published by 900 people and their comments.

First, I laughed, because just the thing that he had put letters in a poop box is a bit fun. But just for 2 min. I mean, a 91 year old man. It could've been my grandpa. With dementia or alzheimer's disease. And my grandmother died because of alzheimer and it was really terrible, because her memory was really bad and stuff. The brain shuts down gradually, and the last thing is the respiratory function.

All these people, are laughing at a man who maybe not have alzheimer's or dementia, but are old and alone. Because if he wasn't alone it sure have been someone to tell him under these 2 years that it was a poop box. And you people are laughing? Do you want to be there yourself? I get angry at the humanity, you all should be ashamed. It's the same as to stand at the street and laugh at a handicapped. Laugh at a man without legs because he lost them when he was in a war, or a man with a burned face because he used to work as a fireman. It's exactly the same thing, as you laugh at this old man. I feel pity for you.


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  1. Totally agree. I feel really awful for him. Poor man.