Hi there! Such a hot day today! There's no chance I'll leave the appartment until there's some kind of resonable temperature. So tonight I'm just gonna drink tea and read through a book called "Stories" (edited by Neil Gaiman and Al Sarrantonio). Lovely!
See ya late'a!
xoxo Anna M


Moving in

Hi babies!
Today we have moved into the appartment in Brick Lane. Awsm!
Tonight we're gonna go to a club called 93 feet east here in brick lane, and there's guzzes everywhere he he he.

kss kssss


Lovely lovely

Hi girls and boys!
This 2 days has gone fast, at the moment we are chilli'n at a supercosy café in Brick Lane. It's guzzar (gorgeous guys) everywhere and the weather is much better than in Sweden (hahahah motherfuckas) !! Today we have been at the swedish embassy and the swedish church looking for a flat. And we have emailed a lot of people at gumtree.com .

And btw! Yesterday pictures from the music festival in Brick Lane (ok we're hanging in brick lane a lot, ok??? love it.)

xx /Anna & Louise


So long Gothenburg, London calling!

Today is the day, and it's 10 minutes left till I'm leaving for the airport. I feel a little sad for leaving my cat Sammy, and my precious room, but also excited for this new life that's waiting for me and Anna. Crazy shit. Have packed all day, bought things at the supermarket, just've been busy. A thought that I got was that now when Im leaving I have to think of bring stuff that I never think about. For example, my hammer! That's something you don't use that often, and when you do, you just take the hammer that your parents own. Things that you just take for the obvious that you don't need to buy. I think it's a little creepy!

But, anyways, tonight when we arrive at Stanstead, and when we've left our luggage at the hostel we're going out for party! He he.

Byebye fellas! xx /Louise


3 days left.

Ate at Ikea with papa, meatballs of course. God I'm gonna miss you meatballs. And papa.
Later on I will show you my favorite books that I really can't leave here in Sweden.
xoxo Anna

My life in a suitcase

Hello my friends. Its wednesday, and it's 3 days left now. I feel tingly and a little lost because it's so hard to put all things that I love in my room in a suitcase! Or actually, two suitcases. The first one is really big, and in there I have all my shoes (three pair of dr martens lol, and other shoes), my books of the best writers (like Katarina von Bredow, Jenny Downham and Nicole Krauss), drawing things and brushes, and a lots of clothes. 
It's a bit scary, because I have so much stuff that I use, but now when I have to delete some stuff to make everything fit in the suitcases it makes it much harder than I thought. I just want it to be simple, like this pictures;

Well, now I have to keep packing, byebye!



Hey there, Louise here. Interesting with a new blog, and with my brutal honesty.. you readers will not have it easy because it is me writing hahaha.
Im gonna update with strange and rude messages I can tell you already.. But I hope that you still want to read our blog anyways!
Well, London in a couple of days. Me and Anna have talked about this for 1 ½ years, so now it's finally on! I haven't got it yet.. Im sure I won't get it till we have arrived at the hostel, that a new life begin now, with nice hanging, parties, work, and lots of BEAUTIFUL GUYS!!!! Are there anything that's better than a gourgeous guy or what?? NO.

Watched "Heartbeats" today by Xavier Dolan. Nomnom, just sayin. Check out;

Moreover, the movie was good and strange, like all the french movies always are. Love it.

Now Im going to sleep, byebye.

Oh btw, this is me!!


First post.

U9OA4M on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs
In 5 days me and Louise will move to London, and therefore, we thought it would be a great idea to start a blog - So we can say hi to our lovely friends and relatives back in Sweden. We will also write about life, love, beautiful things and boys.
Now, I will continue to... basically be bored and wait for the big day (Saturday).
(and do something about this horrible blog-design.)
xo Anna

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