Sorry to be so bad at writing here, it happens a lot atm. Okay, not "a lot" maybe haha but we're working everyday at the café. Hm, maybe I didn't tell you here, but we got a job at a 50's café in Shoreditch a month ago. Yesterday me and Anna had our first free day together so we went to Ikea. Finally I have a bedside table and a table lamp! That was long awaited, I tell you! Haha. So now our room are complete. Im at the bed atm so I don't have the energy to take some picture at our room but are gonna do it tomorrow, promise!

Anyway, the days just fly away here. We're working, messing with our boss (who's the best boss ever btw, so chill!), hanging around with our swedish girlfriends (that we met by chance at a party our british friends had, random) which is also from Gothenburg, Ida and Hillevi. At saturday we're going to have a birthday party for me and a friend at the café with cake and booze and go clubbing after that. Im a little excited for that, it gonna be so fun :)

Oops, too long text haha. I just felt I owed you guys that.
Here's some pictures from the last happenings!

Me and Anna at the café. It sure looks cosy right? And it is! So if you are in London sometime you should stop by at The Love Shake, buy a drink and just enjoy the 50's music and the atmosphere hehe. Oops now it sounds like Im doing advertisement for the place haha.

When our swedish friends Olof and Hanna were here visiting. A really nice restaurant in Shoreditch with the best pizza's!
Our friends Freddie, Ed and Will's place!
Another restaurant in Shoreditch with friends!
Yesterday on our way to Ikea. Anna photographed me while walking to the bakery haha. 

Anna and her precious cupcake..

Pictures from Anna's blog www.omkarlek.blogg.se

Now I have to sleep, because Im going to work 15 hours tomorrow.. So good night my friends! xx

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