Hi there. Today we went to Urban Outfitters in Oxford street and filled in a form, and got an interview with different managers of Urban Outfitters stores. God I love the clothes. Saw some really nice jeans shorts, with black crosses for 60£. Gotta have them when I have a job
Anyway, I thought the interview went pretty good, and the manager who interviewed me was really nice so hopefully I get a job there! It would be fantastic. To live in Brick Lane and work at Urban Outfitters- what a dream!

And btw, at saturday me and Anna are going to a movie recording to be extras. I want to try it, since I dont have anything to loose haha.
And our swedish friend Olof are going here this weekend, so gonna go and party a bit with him, looking forward to it!

Btw, bought this necklace at UO, lovelylovely.
xoxo Louise

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