So long Gothenburg, London calling!

Today is the day, and it's 10 minutes left till I'm leaving for the airport. I feel a little sad for leaving my cat Sammy, and my precious room, but also excited for this new life that's waiting for me and Anna. Crazy shit. Have packed all day, bought things at the supermarket, just've been busy. A thought that I got was that now when Im leaving I have to think of bring stuff that I never think about. For example, my hammer! That's something you don't use that often, and when you do, you just take the hammer that your parents own. Things that you just take for the obvious that you don't need to buy. I think it's a little creepy!

But, anyways, tonight when we arrive at Stanstead, and when we've left our luggage at the hostel we're going out for party! He he.

Byebye fellas! xx /Louise

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