Hey there, Louise here. Interesting with a new blog, and with my brutal honesty.. you readers will not have it easy because it is me writing hahaha.
Im gonna update with strange and rude messages I can tell you already.. But I hope that you still want to read our blog anyways!
Well, London in a couple of days. Me and Anna have talked about this for 1 ½ years, so now it's finally on! I haven't got it yet.. Im sure I won't get it till we have arrived at the hostel, that a new life begin now, with nice hanging, parties, work, and lots of BEAUTIFUL GUYS!!!! Are there anything that's better than a gourgeous guy or what?? NO.

Watched "Heartbeats" today by Xavier Dolan. Nomnom, just sayin. Check out;

Moreover, the movie was good and strange, like all the french movies always are. Love it.

Now Im going to sleep, byebye.

Oh btw, this is me!!

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