My life in a suitcase

Hello my friends. Its wednesday, and it's 3 days left now. I feel tingly and a little lost because it's so hard to put all things that I love in my room in a suitcase! Or actually, two suitcases. The first one is really big, and in there I have all my shoes (three pair of dr martens lol, and other shoes), my books of the best writers (like Katarina von Bredow, Jenny Downham and Nicole Krauss), drawing things and brushes, and a lots of clothes. 
It's a bit scary, because I have so much stuff that I use, but now when I have to delete some stuff to make everything fit in the suitcases it makes it much harder than I thought. I just want it to be simple, like this pictures;

Well, now I have to keep packing, byebye!

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