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Hi there. Sorry for being so bad at writing here, haha. Im still up, Anna and Ida are sleeping. In one week we're going home to Gothenburg for christmas! Can't believe it, feels so wierd. I'm gonna be able to be with my pets, and lay in my big bed and watch tv. It's scary, these 3 months have just blown away. I don't even care about time anymore. Except for applying to American Intercontinental University before 15th of January. So at monday I'm going to the school to talk to the principal about applying. I also need to do a portfolio, so I'm quite in a hurry!
Me and Anna are also thinking of moving out from this appartment and move in with Ida in a bigger, with a room each. That would be so nice, but for that I need one more job, so I have so start search for jobs again! Okay boring stuff, the weekend was fun, went out at thursday in Hoxton with Anna. Yesterday we were at a christmas party at Freddie & co.'s place and after that we went to Aquarium! This night were calm, we went out with Ida and took a few drinks and then went home with beigels in our bags (as usual, haha).

Well well, so excited to see my pets and my friends again! And to dress the xmas tree also! xoxo L

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